New 2017 Wine and Dine Tour

If dining and shopping is your forte’ we will take your taste buds for an adventure with our Wine and Dine Tour. Enjoy a 4 course extravaganza with each course served at a different Ely area restaurant. Ely has several new restaurants along with our favorites. On The Wine and Dine Tour you"ll sample a taste of the best Ely has to offer. It's a great way to help you plan your dinning out plans during your stay. We will pair your meal with an adult or non-alcoholic beverage suited to each course. Adult beverages are welcomed on all of our fleet vehicles. So come along and enjoy the night life in style. Minimum 4 people, this is a customized tour so prices do vary from a Champagne to Beer Budgets. We'll work out the details with you prior to departure. 

Ely / Winton History Tour

If history is what you love hop aboard for our exclusive “Ely/Winton History Tour”. Travel the old railroad line and learn about the logging and mining history of the area. Add a pontoon ride on beautiful Shagawa Lake to round out your day. We rate this a medium (level 2 of 5) off road tour. Only $15 per person! This tour is approximately 1.5 hours

Boulder Pass

Cross over the Kawishiwi River through the boulders and into the wild! A short drive on the blacktop and you are in the wilderness. We take the fork in the road on this adventurous off-road tour. If you want to experience a bit of a "tooth knocker" this one is for you.

We rate this a medium high (level 4 of 5) off road tour. Only $40.00 per person!

Hurry and book for this year. Next year we will be giving our Boulder Pass trail a break because we Tread Lightly


Northern Minnesota has been a favorite place to be when the Fall Colors start to show. North Woods Adventures in Ely has been the best location to see the woods in full color for a number of years. Find yourself in the back of The Big Green Bear Truck soaking up so much blue skied eye candied fall colors you'll find yourself in sensory overload. This is a custom tour as the colors come in and fade out from area to area and we take you to the places that are at peak time. So go with professional Fall Color Hunters from North Woods Adventures. Fall Color Tours usualy start in mid to late September, but book early to ensure your passage through the North Woods. Fall Corors Tour are $45 per person.

Call Miss Liz at  218-235-1727 to book your reservation


It's all about the Moose, the Moose, the Moose. The Moose rut is just around the corner and we have been busy this year scouting our trails and have a few Moose in our territorial range.
Our Moose Tour leaves town early in the morning, before sunrise. This gives us a chance to get set up on location before the Moose have got up to start to rut. Our Guides are trained how to call in Moose and generally have successfully called Moose in and on some occasions a little to close for comfort. Don't worry about the weather dress in layers and we'll bring the coffee.
The Moose tour is not a guaranteed sightseeing tour, although we have done everything possible to put you on a Moose sighting. Like day to day input from local guides, game cams, migration patterns and just old-timer tracking information.
Moose Tours are $65 per person minimum of four persons and please bring your camera.
Call Miss Liz at 218-235-1727 to get your Moose Tour on, each Moose Tour is done in The Big Green Bear Truck's steel cage for your comfort and protection. 7 days a week...

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Moose adventure we will gladly put your group on one of our Adventure Tours the following day.

Three Lakes Tour

Head on down the Fernberg towards the End of the Road! We visit 3 beautiful Northern Minnesota lakes and give you a chance to put your feet in the sky blue water! Eagles, Loons and Ganzers are not uncommon on this tour.
Sit at the water's edge or take a short hike to view our unique sub-boreal flora. Excellent for the person with limited physical abilities. This tour is 3 hours long.

We rate this a low (level 1 of 5) off road tour. Mostly blacktop. Only $40.00 per person!

Lookout Mountain

Our favorite tour for the best vista. This primarily blacktop tour is a favorite fall color destination. We travel down the Fernberg Trail to the "End of the Road". Along the way we take a short excursions off the blacktop to Lookout Mountain Road where the ruins of one of the oldest Forest Service watch towers still remains. We end up at lake one and the end of the road where you can put your feet into the BWCWA. This 3.5 hour tour is for the soft adventurer and caters to your comfort. Only $60.00 per person / 12 and under $30.00

See you in the woods!

Beyond The End of The Road

Travel where others fear to tread! This tour is not for the faint of heart. We will take you to the edge of the boundary waters on a path not traveled. Locals refer to this tour as “The Tooth Knocker”. If you are looking for serious off-roading this is the adventure for you!

Sorry no discounts are available for this 3.5 hour tour.

This is an extreme (level 5 of 5) off road tour. $235

Echo Trails

Travel up the Echo Trail with its majestic pines, beautiful vistas and clear blue lakes. This is a primarily black top tour with easy access to a BWCA entry point lake. No matter your age or physical limitations you can still put your feet in the Boundary Waters! $60.00 per adult / 12 and under $30.00  This is a 3.5 to 4 hour tour.

Cedar Grove

Are Cedar trees your favorite? Then Cedar Grove is for you. We will take you off road through a beautiful cedar grove and explain the flora and fauna of this beautiful area. $15.00 per person. This tour is 1 hour. 

Wildlife Viewing - Guaranteed

Looking for guaranteed wildlife viewing?

We will transport you 70 miles to the Vince Shute Bear Sanctuary where wild bears roam free. Guaranteed to be the best bear viewing in the North Woods! Tour starts at dusk.

This tour is done in our 12 passenger van and is only $85 per person including admission to the Sanctuary. Minimum of 4 people required.

Cathedral of Trees

Experience the beauty of the boreal forest of Northeastern Minnesota. This tour takes you on a leisurely ride through a canopy of magnificent 200 year old white pine, red pine, tamarack, birch, maples and oaks. You will experience the Laurentian Divide and how it shapes our landscape. Discover why Superior National Forest is a unique eco-system able to support a vast array of flora and fauna. This is an educational, fun way to enjoy the wilderness. This is the adventure the whole family will love! Only $75.00 per person/ 12 and under $30.00. This is a 4 hour tour.

This tour is pet friendly! Just let us know Fido is joining the family.

Wine and Women's Tour

Take a leisurely ride up the Echo Trail in our Safari-Style Adventure Truck and experience 3 different Minnesota Wines from Wildlife Liquor and a fabulous array of exotic cheeses and homemade crackers from Insula restaurant. Stop at a local restaurant for a snack if you would like. This is a 21 and over tour and is about 3.5 hours. Only $60.00 per person, minimum of 6 people. 

Pub Crawl

Visit local pubs in Ely, Tower and Babbitt in our adult beverage friendly Safari-Style Tour Vehicle. Leave the driving to us and see where the locals play. This is a customizable event, you can make your own plans or will work out the details with you.

This is a 21 and over tour and lasts about 4 hours. Adult beverages are welcome but not provided. 

Only $50.00 per person! Minimum 4 people.

Brews Cruise

The North Shore is known for its extensive array of Micro Brews. Sojourn with us to scenic Duluth, MN and experience 3 different breweries and dinner. Whether you are a brew master or just like good beer this is the tour for you. This tour is $95.00 per person minimum 6 people.

Adult beverages are welcome in all our fleet vehicles.
Dinner and Growlers not included.

Must be 21 years old.

Wine and Dine Tour

If dining and shopping is your forte’ we will take your taste buds for an adventure with our Wine and Wives Tour. Enjoy a 4 course extravaganza with each course served at a different Ely area restaurant. We will pair your meal with an adult or non-alcoholic beverage suited to each course. Add some spa time for an extra treat. Minimum 4 people

Hanson Lake

This is a great tour for kids! We travel up the Echo Trail and take an easy hike to spectacular Hanson Lake voted the best rock skipping lake on our tours. Put your feet in the water, pick a few berries and maybe just maybe see a wolf. This is a 3 hour tour that takes your kids away from technology for a spell. $40.00 per person / 12 and under $20.00.